My Student Loans Cost How Much??

Yes! That’s right! If you are feeling a cringe creeping down your spine and a sharp pain stabbing your chest uncontrollably, then you feel like me.

How many times are you called a millennial? Here are millennial’s, like myself, talking about their student loan debt:

my gen.png

The biggest take away from this video is that you have to continue living your life. I know that debt will be hanging over your shoulders for years, but you will make it work no matter what direction you decide to take.

Here is a graph explaining expense trends in higher education:


I attended the Indiana University of Pennsylvania which is in the same state that I reside in and is a state school. That means most state schools are around the same price and pretty fair compared to private colleges. So maybe I shouldn’t be cringing as much compared to someone who attended Duquesne in Pittsburgh, PA for example…

I came across a blog that lays out the Public University vs. Private College which breaks down the funding and tuition differences. The one thing I learned from the blog is that the funding of a university is what impacts the cost of tuition for students.

Below are two images explaining the student loan debt statistics by loan program and loan type. Click the images to see further statistics relating to the topic.

debt 1

debt 2

Yes… those numbers are in the millions and billions of dollars. These tables actually could put someone in cardiac arrest.

The question is, where do we even start?! I graduated from my undergraduate degree in four years and then went straight to this degree which is racking up even more student loan debt. And now is the time to start planning! The stress has taken over and I have come to terms with the fact that I will be paying for two pieces of paper for the majority of my lifetime. So, how can I make this easier for myself?

I started asking a few adults that I have become friends with over the years, and they said that you need to consolidate your loans. The problem is, not many banks around me consolidate student loans anymore and I am guessing it is because of those HUGE numbers above!

After hours of research, I came across:


Those rates are amazing, aren’t they? My longest student loan from Sallie Mae is at a 12.4% interest rate. How crazy is that?

Steps To Take Next:

  1. Stop panicking, it is not going to help anything!panic omg GIF-downsized_large
  2. Type in Google, “Citizen’s Bank Student Loan Refinance” or click the link provided.
  3. Click the “Find Your Rate” first before jumping into another loan program.
  4. Do your research!!! Here are some facts I found on the site:

5. Take a deep breath and come to terms with the fact that you will have that payment each month, but this is an option to keep a portion of your paycheck in your wallet.


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