Entry-Level Graduate Sweats During Job Interview

Sweat is dripping down the base of your neck as you lift your right hand out to embrace potentially your new employer. Trying to keep your trembling hand still just for a few seconds, you follow the future employer back to the conference room. While sitting down you tell yourself to be calm, cool, and collected… even though your body is freaking out enough for three people.


Your future employer doesn’t know anything about you, you have an edge above them. You have many opportunities to shine, but you must prepare! There will be tips throughout this blog post to help you for your next job interview.

1. Research the company.

This is actually the most important part of the interview for a number of reasons. The first reason is, to see if you will enjoy working for this type of company. If it is a tech company, but you have no IT background, is that something you want to learn? Think about your future as a professional, can you see yourself strictly in the medical field, or do you consider yourself to be someone that can work anywhere?

There was a recent study saying that recent graduates leave their first jobs fairly quickly with 71% staying for one year or less. Keep that in mind as you plan for your future and consider the path that you want to take in the professional world.

The second reason is that your interviewer will ask you a handful of basic questions regarding the company to make sure you are someone who does their research before diving into a decision. Make sure you know the following:

  • The name of the company (I know this is basic, but you would be surprised).
  • The products the company sells.
  • The size of the company (This is important because this will prepare you for the work environment, your salary, benefits, etc.)

2. Pick out a professional outfit.

This is the second most important component of the job interview. I know we never like to admit to “judging a book by it’s cover”, but presentation is one of the keys to success. Since I am a woman, I will be focusing on a woman’s outfit of choice.

The image below showcases the Dos and Don’ts for the interviewing attire. 


Money might be tight if you are going for a job interview, some popular and inexpensive stores that provide business casual and business professional attire are as followed:


3. Bring your resume with you!!

Many, many people forget this! Print out two copies of your resume as soon as you get off of the phone with your interviewer. One copy for he/she and one copy for yourself. Sometimes you will be interviewed by two professionals so it is always better to be safer than sorry.

I know that you have created your resume yourself, but sometimes it is easy to forget everything that is on it. Make sure you have looked it over a few times before you step foot in the building and you will be just fine.

Here is a video talking about 7 key steps while preparing for an interview…


4. Be 15 minutes early to every job interview.

This shows your potential future employer that you are taking him/her and the job seriously. Being early also shows them that you will be showing up early to work as well. Not many employers enjoy hiring employees that show up exactly right on time or late.


There is nothing worse than finding out you aren’t the person that you made yourself seem. I know that everyone puts their best foot forward, but you need to show them that you have what it takes. No one knows you better than you know yourself, just remember that.


Take a deep breath and nail this job interview so you can start preparing for the rest of your life.





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